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Advancing Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Throughout the Employee Experience – Part 2

SEP 10, 2020

Advancing Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Throughout the Employee Experience – Part 2

Part of our ongoing series, “Redesigning the Future of Work.”

Inspire DEI experts Dave Ciliberto, Sandra Garcia, and Rickey Jasper came together again with CEO Jaime Klein to continue the insightful conversation on advancing diversity, equity + inclusion throughout the employee experience that they began in our last session.

Hear tactical advice and experiences around:

  • The business case for diversity, equity + inclusion (proof points for getting leadership buy-in)
  • The importance of an intersectional lens
  • Senior leaders’ roles and place at the table for diversity, equity + inclusion initiatives
  • Successes in listening tours, surveys, and other engagement techniques
  • How to empower your Gen Z and Gen Y employees as champions for diversity, equity + inclusion
  • And more.


In case you missed it

If you missed part one of “Advancing DEI Throughout the Employee Experience” or any of our sessions in Redesigning the Future of Work, you can access them all right here on the Inspire YouTube channel.

About the panelists:

Dave Ciliberto

Dave Ciliberto is an educator and consultant in Diversity, Equity + Inclusion. Between teaching at Cornell’s ILR School and directly working with C-Suite and teams at dozens of companies, Dave has developed integrated strategies and delivered many specialized programs. His focus is connecting the business case (marketplace, workplace, workforce) to DEI through understanding our many intersectional lenses and organizational alignment.

Sandra Garcia

Sandra Garcia combines a background in Diversity, Equity + Inclusion leadership with Sales and Marketing to create, execute, and enhance organizational DEI initiatives with companies including Toyota, Estee Lauder, Apple, Sephora, Pepsi, and American Express. A recognized speaker and intersectional thought leader, Sandra is also the founder of Consulting Agency, and, an online destination for stories of Afro-Latinas sharing the same intercultural experience.

Rickey Jasper

Rickey Jasper is a senior leader whose thirty-year career in the CIA spanned multiple business functions, including eight years leading Diversity, Equity + Inclusion for the agency. He served as a senior executive and special advisor to the Director of the CIA on DEI plans and programs, in addition to training all levels of management and employees on leadership, career development, diversity, and anti-harassment. He also led the Strategic Talent Resources Management Office where he designed and oversaw several employee life cycle teams.

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