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Strengthening Company Culture Through The Pandemic + Beyond

OCT 28, 2021

Strengthening Company Culture Through The Pandemic + Beyond

Your company’s culture is your greatest asset to weather the perfect storm created by: a prolonged pandemic, the “great resignation,” and ongoing uncertainty around return to office timelines.

Inspire welcomes HR, organizational psychology, and workplace culture leaders to explore evaluating and strengthening company cultures following 19 months (and counting) of uncertainty.

Highlights from the panel include:

  • Start thinking of the CEO as the Chief Empathy Officer to keep company culture as a top priority.
  • Do not make decisions in a vacuum. Listen to team members and provide multiple communication platforms where they can share their input.
  • Employees now spend more time with their managers than with their coworkers. Managers are at the center of an employee’s relationships and need strategies and training to effectively engage their teams.
  • Flexibility remains critical, especially for caregivers. To reduce tension with coworkers, encourage open dialogue so caregivers don’t feel the need to “hide” their personal responsibilities. Then they will be able to show up more fully.

Watch “Strengthening Company Culture Through the Pandemic + Beyond” to hear these tips and many more:

Featured Panelists:

Pamela Sinclair, Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources at PGIM, the Global Investment Management Business of Prudential Financial

Pamela Sinclair leads the Human Resources team for PGIM. Prior to this role, she was Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources at PGIM Real Estate, and a member of the Global Management Council and the Global Operating Council. Pamela’s career includes both specialist and full generalist services that include leading learning and development at Barclay’s Capital.

Rose Gailey, Partner, Organization Acceleration & Culture Shaping, Heidrick & Struggles

Rose Gailey is a partner and global lead for organization acceleration and culture shaping for Heidrick Consulting at Heidrick & Struggles. She brings expertise in organizational culture and transformation to Heidrick Consulting’s value proposition to accelerate performance through break through leadership and thriving cultures.

Samantha Singh, Inspire HR Expert, DEIB

Samantha Singh is a DEIB Expert with Inspire Human Resources whose experience also includes data analysis, total rewards, organizational capability, compliance + risk, and process development. Samantha brings an analytical lens to her work, having transitioned to HR from accounting and finance roles at Citigroup and Prudential Financial. Samantha guides and advises HR and business leaders on rapid growth, organizational changes, DEIB, and ensuring DEIB is integrated into all business and talent strategies.